Pärnu Kivi OÜ came to the Estonian market in summer 2001. Our main field is processing and sale of granite, marble and limestone. Our specialists have been trained in Sweden and they have worked in Sweden on that field for 15 years. The raw material is imported from the mines at Italy, Norway, Finland and other countries. The most utilizable raw stables are 2 and 3 cm thick but on the request of our customer we also order different measures. The size of the raw material slabs covers 1,2 x 3,0 m. Depending on the purpose and material there are different methods for processing stone, most used ones are polishing and finishing; burning and carving is also used.

We produce surfaces for kitchen and bathroom mainly, also windowsills and decorations for fireplaces.

Pärnu Kivi always provides you with high quality products and always completes orders in time.