Granite is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. The surface of a granite product can be treated with a stone protection agent which prevents food stains. Deposits of oils and acid agents on the worktop should be cleaned as soon as possible. 

Marble is generally maintained in the same manner as granite, but marble is mainly intended for indoor use. Marble is relatively unsuitable for kitchen worktops, as it more sensitiive to stains (oils, wine, tea, coffe etc.). Therefore, marble should preferably be used in bathrooms and for windowsills and fireplaces.


  • Angola BlackAngola Black
  • Azul PlatinaAzul Platina
  • Baltic BrownBaltic Brown
  • Blue PearlBlue Pearl
  • Emerald PearlEmerald Pearl
  • GalaxyGalaxy
  • Nero AfricaNero Africa
  • Nero AssolutoNero Assoluto
  • Rosa BetaRosa Beta
  • Rosso BalmoralRosso Balmoral
  • Rosso MulticolorRosso Multicolor
  • SerizzoSerizzo
  • Steel GreySteel Grey
  • Tan BrownTan Brown
  • Verde BahiaVerde Bahia
  • Verde MarinaVerde Marina
  • Verde San FrancescoVerde San Francesco
  • VizagVizag



  • Biano CarraraBiano Carrara
  • ScorpionScorpion
  • Verde GuatemalaVerde Guatemala